Monday, August 13, 2012

The most powerful communication is what you are not saying.

When you communicate.
(A challenge for you here)

Notice if you point your finger.

Notice if you have open palms.

The former is someone usually 'telling' someone
with an attitude called 'parent state'.
Often words spilling from the  'pointed finger person'
are words like 'should' and 'aught'.
(are you such a person?)

The person at the other end of the pointed finger will often feel 
'put down'
or feel like they are being spoke down to - being 
'PUT DOWN' is not a nice feeling.

This language of body and verbal, can trigger feelings from childhood and can feel vulnerable and sometimes anger - I have often seen violence from such a situation.
I have had so much experience of violence AND I HATE IT !

The latter
often speaks with softer words, warmer tones of the voice with facial expressions that mirror the body language.

A Palm Person does not 'put down' or 'belittle'.
A Palm Person will often speak of their own feelings
and definitely NOT use the words 'should and aught'.

If you notice what your body is doing when you are communicating you will be becoming more aware of yourself - always a great journey it seems to me.

Often it is easier to notice the above in another persons body language because when we communicate we can get so caught up in the emotion that we don't read well!

you do get to the point of recognition of your own communication
wish to journey into change ............

It all starts from the inside.
The soul.
The Centre of your beautiful self.

We cannot just control our physical language,
it must come from a condition of the heart.

Social, emotional and spiritual learning is all part of the journey into wholeness.
it starts with observation, awareness and a desire to