Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Greenbelt Festival - a high 5


Still Life

My Greenbelt Five: Andy Turner

We’re asking people for My Greenbelt Five – five things at this year’s Greenbelt that they’re excited about. To see all Greenbelt Fives, click here »
Here’s the five of Greenbelt Chair of Trustees Andy Turner…
“Top Five? Clearly, its Not Possible. SO MUCH to see, hear, do… Top Five? Here’s a start.”
Intrigued by Michael Battle on the future of the universe and why forgiveness is impossible. Despite his name Battle is a passionate peacemaker – working with Desmond Tutu on truth and reconciliation – and an inspiring speaker. Get along…
Very excited Greenbelt is welcoming Nobel Peace Prize nominee Mustafa Barghouthi. Active in the Palestinian parliament (a 2005 presidential candidate) he’s leading calls for nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation. Deep wisdom and a profound knowledge of the Occupation… Prioritise.
Puzzled by the whole Israel Palestinian thing? Karen Chalk and Penny Stone mix music, stories and humour to untangle and explain via their ‘Still Life – Tales from the West Bank’. Involved in the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI), they bring back astonishing stories, recalling the tragedy, bravery, humanity and hope. Seek this out.
I love Leunig – the celebrated Aussie cartoonist, poet and artist. An exhibition of Michael Leunig’s absorbing, whimsical, profoundly moving work at Greenbelt is appallingly long overdue. Finally, we can get up close. Linger longer.
Leila Sansour left Bethlehem as a teenager pledging never to return, yet went on to produce ‘Roads to Bethlehem’ – a moving, thoughtful, challenging documentary witnessing four Christmases in the ‘Little town’. This preview of the film – which is part funded by you, via Trust Greenbelt – includes a Q&A with political comedian Jeremy Hardy and director Leila Sansour. Frankly essential.