Monday, September 10, 2012

Greenbelt Festival through the rain - wonder.


Paradise is a wet field

Last year, we featured Rosie Miles’ poem If heaven 2 on the blog, and now Rosie has reflected on Greenbelt 2013 in her poem Paradise is a wet field…

Paradise is a wet field

Some enter paradise through a lake of Earth and Water.
Fire and Air hand out towels and ask What are you
going to do with your wild and muddy life?
Some embrace mud in fifty shades of wellington.
Others go barefoot and splash about like kids.
Some discuss the silted heart of economics and equal love.
The bulldozed homes by a far wall are churned-up rubble.
Some have come to find new words and ways
to speak of mud’s colour and consistency now.
Some relish a more intimate relationship
with slurry. Others are not convinced mud exists.
Some find the answers to the questions they bring
are as clear as mud. Guerilla gardeners plant
miniature roses anyway in mud’s potholes.
Some praise the healing properties of mud
and claim they have been lifted out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and the mire. They stand on firm ground.
But some welcome the slip and the slide. They can
barely remain upright long enough to sing Bring ’em all in.
Rosie Miles