Sunday, September 16, 2012


there is several references to Police injustices.

They have a problem.
Some I understand.
One is that they have bunch together into teams to face conflicts such as going into a pub to stop blood shed - and of course riots!!
Therefore they need to be strong cohesive teams.

We all need police to help us on many occasions. Our society, any society, needs a good solid Police Service (not force).

it seems to me
They need to have roots down and walls down.
They need to be rooted in community and Justice as much as the 
Police Canteen Culture.

Law keepers must be upholders of the law.
Those who much is given need to be as equally responsible and not above the law.

Below is an extract from my book GUTTER FEELINGS
and then some other blogs referring below.

" I wrote this letter to the chief inspector at the local police station:

A group of young men, known to me, have approached me this afternoon complaining about police harassment at 3.40 pm today at the bus stop on the Barking Road near Bianchi’s café. PC [name deleted for privacy] and another officer are quoted as saying “We don’t want to see your faces on the street. We are going to be kind today – let you off this time, but if we see you again we’re going to nick you for anything – threatening behaviour – insulting behaviour!”

I really believe that they are telling the truth, and they were genuinely upset about the incident.

Would you be good enough to respond to this letter? I would really appreciate your co-operation to enable us all to further better community development around here.

Resulting from Kenny’s initiative and my letter, I had a visit from the Chief Inspector which resulted in very good follow-up. He had seen and spoken to the officer concerned whose explanation was that he’d been “too long on the DSU.” DSU is the Divisional Support Unit, which is the local minibus of officers now titled the ‘Instant Response Unit’; the kids call it ‘The Wally Wagon’. “He’s forgotten how to be an ordinary copper, in touch with the community”, the chief inspector said. This interaction seemed to be a very positive way of dealing with police harassment and directing teenagers towards less criminal activities.

I was sad to hear some little while later that the constable concerned had applied to, and was accepted for, the Special Patrol Group, which has developed an infamous name for behaviour that seemed to be opposed to positive community policing.

This case of harassment was not isolated. I have a whole file of incidents that were reported to me by our teenage boys, together with details of the names and numbers of the officers involved. For example:

1.     Police throwing stink bombs into cells when kids were being held awaiting charges.
2.     Police carrying water pistols in DSU vehicles and shooting at teenagers they passed in the street, or spraying them with water from squeezy bottles.
3.     Wearing comical or novelty masks in vehicles and in police stations, and playing practical jokes on prisoners in the cells.
4.     The wearing of little red flags in the caps of officers while on patrol, according to the number of time they have ‘nicked’ the three most scapegoated teenagers.
5.     Throwing cups of water over prisoners when stripped for forensic purposes.
6.     Physical blows to those arrested."

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