Sunday, September 09, 2012

"Does Love need respect?" asked Dana

"Does Love need respect?" 
asked Dana

I like questions - they stretch me.

I believe that Love does not need respect within us to Love.
Otherwise we would not love our enemies.
Otherwise we would not love our neighbours
We would only love those that love us and
sometimes only our own family -
(and we all know that sometimes family members hate each other and are nowhere near loving each other.)

It all depends on our definition of Love.

Me - I strive for the unconditional kind.

Yes I fail and I believe all humans do because we are beautiful imperfection.
We cannot love as the Divine
but we can journey that way.
I believe that being on the road is not only the destination but the life.

I am mostly/mainly triggered to love when I meet hostility/aggression/nasty behaviour/obnoxious behaviour.
An obnoxious person is hurting person.
They are the ones who need the love the most.
Mainly they have have not been exposed to love as a child.
They have had humans around them who were unable to love, failed to love, did not know love in their own right.

Thats why I have distaste in my mouth when some people say that loving your family and friends is the  only thing.
I cringe at the thought.
If we only love those that love us the is a massive neglect of those who need us most.
(Look after your own - what an ugly thought).

Of course I love my family deeply.
More than words can say. I would give my life for them.
And I love being loved by my friends/and strive to be a complete lover in return.

I don't know what love is.
I only have my toenail dipped in it.
I want to love more but it means the journey into 
practicing it
living it.

So I love the kids who rioted in London and beyond.
I love the gang members I know - and so many I have yet to get close to.
I don't respect their behaviour.
I respect them as humans. I love them as they are.
Even if they don't like me and abuse me.
I love beyond behaviour.
Behaviour is not the person.
The person is beautiful.
A caterpillar awaiting to emerge into a unique butterfly.

I don't only love them.
I strive to love them, understand them, feel their beauty and pain.
I refuse neither.

Does love need respect, NO.

That's where I am at the moment.
(He says stumblingly ...............)