Saturday, September 29, 2012

When you get in the shower which bit do you wash first?

DAMN had to have a shave this morning.
My ugliness got to me 
Can't go on forever without one, because
my beard is tickling my toes.

When you get in the shower
which bit do you wash first?

Then the first thing in a morning
is to open my iMac and press a button
and download the music if the day.
Example from today on d right.
ALL these treats go onto to my iPhone(4)
which plays in my car/ears/headphones/office ....
.... anywhere because I walk and breath music.

One of the programmes is called
about being Gay in prison.
I have yet to listen.

The Sheilas call Mrs Beautiful
'Mother'          !!

Had a glorious evening of Rugby League last evening.
Wigin v Leeds - it was  cracker of a game.
Leeds won by one point 12-13 !

Tonight even bigger semi final
Saints my team
Lance Hohaia reveals the secret to St Helens' success
Liverpool Echo
NEW ZEALAND international Lance Hohaia has told how it took some soul-searching by the St Helens players to turn around the club's fortunes following the early-season sacking of head coach Royce Simmons. Hohaia was recruited by Simmons from New ...
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Be supportive.
If we win we go to Old Trafford next Saturday
for the GRAND FINAL V LEEDS !!!!

MrsBeautiful is buying 3 oranges for £1
and we are having freshly squeezed orange juice
first thing every morning.