Friday, September 28, 2012

Youth Work London E16.

After years of non-communication my past life is catching up with me.
I have recently been able to be in contact young people from my past via the internet.

One I will publish later from when I worked at ST HELENS YMCA running the programme and the hostel - back in the late 60's/early 70's !!

Here I have been contacted via Facebook by loads of members from my East London days - London E16 indeed. 1975/1985.

It was in this fertile ground where I grew in the well fertilised soil and really was forced into the pressure cooker of becoming a Youth Worker.

Strangely all the club members who I knew so well seem to be in their 50's now!!
How can that be when I am so young?

Here Bob Jones has allowed me to use the words he so generously sent to me.
I have said to him that he could write a book.
Here is a small part of that book - I guess it would be a thriller!!


Hi Pip.
Don't think you will remember me - Rob Jones from the Mayflower in the early 70s.
I used to come down with a crowd of us from West Silvertown just to run you and big john ragged.

Read your story of Ziggy.
So sorry to hear that mate.
Nothing i can say will make it better.I know as i had to have my german shepherd put asleep a few years ago and was deverstated.
We had 16 great years,i got him at 2 as a rescue as he was half timber wolf,half german shepherd and a completly out of control,like we were in canning town.
He calmed down with my other shepherd and became a good citizen, bit like you done to us kids.
Both dogs had to be taken, by me,to be put asleep, and i still hurt now.
I have another shepherd now, he is 4 and he gets all the love i can give.

I have worked in the building trade.
I was a doorman for over 20 years, venue security, boxing security, concerts.
Met loads of famous people and loved every minute of it but cant work now as my back has gone and my knees are shot.
If i wrote a book it would be very, very long.

I now sell football & boxing signed & framed memorabila as i have got to know many people in that trade, but only as a hobby realy.

Not read your latest book but will try to get one.
Cheers pip and thats for your help and patience all those years ago.
Don't think you relise how much you and others at the Mayflower,helped so many.
I've only just relised it.

Didn't know it then but you must have given us kids something from the Mayflower days mate.

Thanks and be strong Pip & family