Tuesday, September 11, 2012

YMCA Space visits the Greenbelt Festival

Greenbelt Festival 2012!

YMCA Space visits the Greenbelt Festival
YMCA Central Herts recently arranged an amazing opportunity for a group of 15 young people from YMCA Space Stevenage to visit the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham over the weekend.
The YMCA Central Herts Youth work team organised the trip and negotiated free tickets to give young people from Stevenage the chance to experience the festival atmosphere, and venture into different surroundings.
Kelly Hockley, Lead Youth Worker at YMCA Space said, “We work with a variety of young people who visit us at YMCA Space Stevenage and take part in the community and youth sessions that we provide. Some of those young people have faced or are still dealing with many different challenges in their lives, so we decided to take a group of young people from Stevenage that may not normally have the opportunity to experience something or somewhere different. They all came with an enthusiasm to experience something new, to make the most of it and enjoy their time together. The only reason we could do this trip was due to the generosity of the Greenbelt organisers who gave us 15 festival tickets free for our young people to go.”
During the festival the group experienced live music, Comedy, and art displays, as well as learning to put up tents, cooking for each other and discovering the importance of working together as a team.
When asked about their favourite part of the weekend, these were some of the responses;
“Chilling with the other young people and talking with them laughing and having a good time”
“Getting to know the group and team a lot better”
‘My favourite memory from the festival was the atmosphere of it, and learning new skills that I can bring back with me to Stevenage!”
As well as trips away, the YMCA Central Herts youth work team work with young people in Stevenage, through ‘Youth Space’ at YMCA Space Stevenage, which provides a fun, safe place to meet with friends, play pool, surf the web, and activities such as cooking and art courses.
You can find out more about YMCA Space Stevenage activities and sessions by visiting www.ymcaspace.co.uk