Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our beautiful non-human family member has not been well

Our beautiful non-human family member has not been well
and deteriorated in the last few days.

He has not eaten for two days/nights.
He has been on a special diet since 22/8
He is weak and not moving around other than sleeping in strange places around his home.

A missed Church this morning to take him to the Vets.
The results don't sound good.
  • He has lost weight again - significantly.
  • Temperature normal.
  • The Vet felt his tummy and he was passive she said and could not find any lumps in there.
  • The concern if there is smaller lumps.
  • Fears that there is something really bad in there.
  • Had an injection to help him feel better.
  • Taking him in for the day tomorrow 8.40am
  • He is classed as geriatric - 13 years old.
  • To have an Ultrasound to find out what they see.
  • Water permitted anytime till admission - No food after 6pm today as he needs an anaesthetic to calm him.
  • Have signed if he has to have a General anaesthetic if he needs knocking out.
  • Picking him up later in the day - I fear he is on his last legs - and how do we explain this to two and a half year old Conniepops?.
  • Ziggy was the first word she ever said - she adores him. AND she is visiting next week end!!