Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Pip Wilson catch-up

This is the first time I have been on these keys for sometime.

I was hit by a one day bug yesterday. Both ends. Meds. Bed. Weak. Vulnerable. Gone now I hope. 
It just came on me - nausea in waves.
Dysfunctional all day
not sleeping at night
so was up and reading backlog of papers since before Greenbelt.

I keep pretty good health so this is uncomfortable. I know many live with this sort of thing - especially in undeveloped countries. It hits me about their lives and how they survive. Just survival. No development. No growth.

I have been away for a week at Greenbelt and then, with a short gap, away for a week-end in Reims France. One of my favourite places on earth.
We have not been for two years as we don't do holidays now - so this was a special treat with friends - celebrating a special birthday and I LOVE IT.

Now I am working with the backlog to catch up on the new year. Finished with publishing this year, four books published in a month - never been done before. I have another book written but not edited and compiled. This is about he sort of work I am doing now. Group work with young beautiful humans and facilitated learning for the staff and volunteers who work with them.

Stay beautiful.


Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable ! !