Monday, September 10, 2012

I will not change my way of saying hello to everyone.

I work alongside many humans.
Some are in project I train in/conduct group-work in and other even sleep in. One person never speaks other than in grunts and slow responses.

He never looks my way
never speaks until I say hello
never uses my name
more often a grunt
never eye contact
always the head dropped

this human person
I WILL say
a beautiful human person,
will not change my way of 
saying hello to everyone
using a name whenever I can recall
and looking at a the person whilst communicating

with words.

Communication is much more than words.

I have decided to behave in a certain way 
and another human will not dictate my proactive communication 
by their own behaviour.
I will not be a reactor. I have decided how I want to communicate.

I know a woman who is nasty to me
all the time
every interaction

I will be 
I will not be
a reactor

There is some deep sense of faith and theology behind this - 

I must try to understand it sometime.

I will add it to the list of other parts of me I need to understand.

          "work like you don't need the money
          dance like no-one is watching
          sing like no-one is listening
          love like you have never been hurt"