Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Question I asked last year with wondrous answers streaming at me .... Becoming Questions.

I asked a question every week
for 15 weeks last year.
To everyone I could reach.
Becoming Questions
- here are some of the answers.

ALL the questions and ANSWERS
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This question was::
If you HAD to have a tattoo in the centre of your right palm
what Quote /Word or Symbol would you choose?
AND why you have decided on this one?


The tattoo I would have would be a semi colon. 
A semi colon comes in a sentence when the author could have chosen to finish the sentence; instead, they keep writing to create a different end. This is particularly important to me. 
I have survived 2 serious suicide attempts. 
People turning up who should have been in another place in the country, etc. 
I'm alive, and able to tell the tale. 
I would say I'm not just alive, but I'm now living. 
It's been many years since that time, and I would be lying if I said I'd never considered it since, but my life is different now and I'm doing great things. 
I've used my experience and turned it around, to develop empathy and understanding of others as well as a defining belief that change is possible. 
My life could have ended, it changed instead. 
So I would have a semi colon tattoo to remind me; always keep going, change is possible, and to remind myself how far I've come!!
I think I will get a tattoo at some point, maybe not on my palm, but I will get a semi colon as part of it. 
(The idea came from the semi colon project, where many others have done this already!!)
No name
'I come in peace' ... Partly cos I'm a sci-fi nerd but mainly cos I want to love people.
I would tattoo: 
'Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.'
The quote is attributed to Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib. 
It is appropriate to have that on your hand. 
Even if people mistreat you, they should learn from your dignity during this.
In my right palm I'd have tattooed "Forgive Me." 
The older I get, the less I want to speak. 
Our culture dismisses aging: We put old people into hospitals, nursing care facilities, funeral homes. 
The "old" grow irrelevant and invisible to many. Our voices become babbling noise to some. 
"Forgive me for bothering you." "Forgive me for interrupting." "Forgive me for not speaking." 
The young, trained to be mortified of "strangers," find us "creepy." 
Can't they see that they, too, are hurtling down this path? That the Beatles were right about the end: "the love you take is equal to the love you make”?
The tattoo I would have would be Mum done in beautiful colour. 
I lost my mum 3 years ago. 
She was my life. She was my soul mate. 
I lived with her all my life and we did everything together. Part of me died when she passed but I take comfort that I will see her again.