Thursday, January 05, 2017

Pip Wilson:: Trainer Facilitator - Introduction to way of working.

I am often asked how I work when I facilitate - nowadays that ranges between 300 participants at a conference or may 12 in a team.

I always work with the objectives agreed with my key person/organiser of the event.
Sometime they just want me to design alone but usually it is about development - awareness & skills.

Awareness always precedes a new or developing skill.
I work with people persons - we all are - even if our product is delivering machinery, software, education etc..
I always work experientially.
Getting beautiful humans to react to an experience which I facilitate and then, through reflecting with each other, we all learn.
A bit more about this below.
That's what 'experiential' is all about.
We learn from life experiences all the time.
Reflective practice digs deeper into the experience and therefore the learning is more intense and deeper.
AND the experiential cannot be explained in words, I am trying here!, because this kind of training / learning has to impact all our senses.

If you need some kind of refresher day for your team - check out my website - make contact - lets communicate.
I will be great to work with you.
It's what I do.
It's what I live for !