Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mayflower Youth Work in Canning Town - London E16 - from old to new.

In the late 70's, maybe before you was born, I was running a Youth Work project in Canning Town London E16 with about 40 other full time/part time/ or volunteers.
We had an old building for the Club. Victorian. 
Built by the Dockland Settlement long before we became the Mayflower Family Centre.

We were about to build a new Youth Centre and this one below was to be demolished.

On the last night before we shut down, to concentrate on our Detached and Group Youth Work, we grabbed a few of the members to sign up.

Someone from this Club set up a Facebook page in the past year and all the local kids, now in their 50's or so!, add their comments to many memories and adventures we experienced together.
Fantasic memories.
It was my University Education.
We all deserve a certificate of attendance AND survival.

I will ever be full of appreciation for these young humans who changed my life - often through curtains of fear stress aggression unpredictability and a lot of love .......

Pip Wilson - still alive and loving it.