Thursday, January 12, 2017

Get your brain to build a relationship with your feelings .............

I am desiring to be L5
(if you don't know what L5 is
read a few blogs of mine

I want /aim to share L5
tell you who I am

When I go into a new
group ............
I feel 'lonely' feelings
I expect them
I am a stranger.

BUT I feel that feeling
NOT all the time!
Just for a few moments/minutes.
I feel that 'isolated' feeling
I feel it
thank God for feelings
and spring-board from them.

It is not the fault of the group I am with
The centre/conference/hostel/event/hostel ……..

They are MY feelings which sweep through me like
restless winds
(and you too? - I believe)
but i want to be in touch with these feelings/signals.
I want to feel them all
learn from them all
And that is my striving for emotional intelligence.

When I share feelings about life
It is not the fault of life.
Not the humans around me -
not their fault.
It is not even my fault
they are just feelings!

Feelings are not right or wrong.
Behaviour can be right or wrong
BUT never feelings
it depends what we do with our feelings!

It is behaviour which can be bad or good.
Feelings are real and, unless we reveal them,
others - appropriate others
it builds up =
a volcano will arise in due course……..

emotions can damage their container"

I was 40 before I discovered my feelings
That I could get into contact with them
go there and understand them
Decide how best to manage them.
A journey for the rest of my life.

I have decided
It is really fatal to allow feelings to manage life
We need to attach our brains to them quickly.
(FEELINGS travel quicker to the BRAIN than THINKING)

Get your brain to build a relationship with your feelings - 
they will get on well together
once they know each other !

L5 Love