Sunday, January 01, 2017

My 2016 Favourites - well some of them .......

2016 * my 2016
1 Movie:: ‘Short Term 12’
2 Belonging:: Our 'Level Five’ Group now 36 years young.
3 DJ & Radio programme ‘Gilles Peterson’ - he continues YEAR ON YEAR feeds my musical soul.
4 BOOKS - 7 books published in 2016
5 10 gigs already in the diary for 2017
6 Weakness - still - I can’t spell - my written English is terrible - I don’t like making phone calls ….+  +  +
7 'Malibu' favourite album of the year - by Anderson.Paak 
8 Tears:: The plight of the tearless children, the same ages as our Grandkids, in bombed out Aleppo.
9 'Christine and the Queens’ favourite live gig of the year
10 'Timberyard' my home from home cafe in Covent Garden, London
11 Soller, Majorca - my favourite place in the sun.
12 Most exciting ‘Becoming Questions’ the book by 60 contributors including myself.
13 LOSS - my 1950 Rock-Ola Juke Box has failed to rouse itself.
14 A Great challenge:: Difficulty seeing Nigel Farage & Donald Trump as beautiful humans because their behaviour is SO obnoxious. 
15 Tears:: Hearing/Seeing Gregory Porter singing 'Purple Rain' together with all the audience & other artistes 
16 Delight:: Little Nell saying "Hello Granddad" for the first time.
17 My Prius Car - 10 years old and terminally ill.
18 Family gathering when 36 Wilsons met in Majorca for a week in summer - meeting new people & their kids.
19 Normally I get between 2k and 3k hits on my Website/Blog per week - one week in December I had 8,800 in one week.
20 Software - my favourite ‘Get iPlayer Automator’ 
21 My PASSION (one big one here) Rugby League, so often sidelined by media, and my team St Helens ‘The Saints’.
22 Restaurant I must go for my long time favourite, even though visited many others this year, Da Mario - Endell Street, London.
23 Pipturesque -  see my -  so many .....
24 Artist - must be my partner in Blobs Ian Long - forever endlessly creative and real top human being becoming.
25 Gets up my nose  - so many people repeat that they don’t want to be with people who bring them down - & I believe that is where we need to be, not residing in our own COMFORTABLE.
26 Music Single   ‘Room in Here’ by Anderson.Paak 
27 Drink - Flat-White is my Coffee - WATER is the most I drink (life giving) & forever Mint-Tea at home.
28 Blog - read my daily reflections on 
29 Journey -the 20 minutes walk uphill from the station, tired at the end of a day - being grateful that I can still puff up that hill!


In 2016

I would like to thank my arms, 
for always being by side. 
My legs, 
for always supporting me, 
& my fingers…
because I can always count on them