Monday, April 17, 2017

NEVER compare your inside ...... to everyone else outsides.

The sun doesn’t stop shining

it is just that::
we sometimes step into the shade
we sometimes step into another persons shadow
we close our eyes
we hide behind sunglasses
sometime night falls ………

When it comes to LOVE
There is no nightfall
we can and do 
step into
or hide ………

There is NO nightfall when it comes to LOVE
even though we feel it sometimes.
Love has no OFF switch.

Romantic love can fail
Human love can fail
Divine love has no OFF switch
Divine love has no nightfall
No shade
No shadow
No sunglasses
No hiding place.

We don’t have to love to be loved.
No nightfall.
We don’t have to change to be loved
If we became perfect today
we could not be loved more tomorrow.

A LOVE that will not let you go …………