Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Banquet

So who to invite?  Who will we call?

The flabby, the greasy, the insignificant, the small

The dodgy dealers, the guy on the make

The long-haired hippy, the new age flake

The red-neck farmer, the angry young man

The driver from the East in his dirty white van

Straight from AA or Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Looking confused, feeling under the weather

The bankrupt banker, who’s lost his mask

The exhausted office worker, weighed down with task

The stinking, homeless beggar, the tossed-away lover

The black-suited mourner, who just lost his mother

The orphans from war zones under the rubble

Walking like zombies, looking for cuddles

The quiet gay guy yet to come out

The courageous drag queen who just wants to shout

The woman on benefit, looking ill-fed

Who gives food to her children, goes hungry instead

The mumbling maniac sat on the train

The broke stock-broker walking home in the rain

The Big Issue seller sitting in the cold

The poor, the edgy, the weak and the old

The disturbed, the uncomfortable, the mad and the weird

The strange and the stupid, the crazy and the feared

The chain-smoking psychos, the ones who don’t fit

The ridiculous, the saddos, the grumpy old git

The imperfect ones whose beauty shines true

The ones with the cracks – that’s how the light gets through

The really normal people

The ones. Just. Like. You.

The Banquet

by peter barrett