Monday, April 10, 2017

Gout - Cramps - Urine Infection - Emotions - Health of body - I kid you not!

I find the text above interesting and relevant to this human frame.

I have had recently, for the first time in my life, a urine infection.
It was so painful - like peeing broken glass.
(A dose of antibiotics got rid of it in a week - thank you NHS).

In the past I have had gout real bad. 
In times past I couldn't walk - just crawl around indoors!
A duvet at night being too heavy on my swollen foot.
I once was hit badly when working in South Africa and I have had to learn how to manage it.

Now that I am managing all that I have a newest battle with leg cramps.
These usually hit me after I have been conducting facilitation/training - when I am passionate in communication. Even after my 121's too !

KID YOU NOT - I have had to learn about kidneys.
Mine seem older than me because they are not doing their job well and I am considering their job description!

I need to learn to live with them - joking apart.
BUT I find it interesting, as a guy who is passionate about emotions - feelings - emotional intelligence and how we communicate & connect with others especially in helping relationships.
The adrenal gland sit on top of the kidneys and they seem to party together - certainly interact as the article above indicates.

I am no Proff on this stuff but I know that my body reacts when emotions are running high.

So this FEELINGS stuff is not just about personal development - getting to know our inner being - it is also massive when it comes to our PHYSICAL HEALTH.

Take care you young guns - look after that one and only precious body of yours.
Don't NUMB it with drugs or spirits!
Don't neglect your emotional development.
You are beautiful - stay with us as long as possible.