Thursday, April 06, 2017

Can you read the room? Who is the boss here? - and see their eyes ......

Can you read the room?
Who is the boss here?
I just snapped it in a cafe ........

As people persons
in helping relationships
the first thing is to be able to
Read The Room

I love this::

Dear Beautiful and loving friends and family,
I have shared lot of my experience with you.
This time I like to share an amazing moment I had while I went to play basket ball.
Its almost four five years ago while I used to coach basketball at the YMCA for street/poor children. 
This particular boy he is Dum as well as deaf. He use to coe and just mess around at the Y. 
He comes sits in one corner may be under a shady tree and play with leaves and sands. 
Children that time used to just tease him and gets him angry.
When I came back I saw a tall boy may be am inch taller than me. 
Came and waved at me. 
I couldn't believe my own eyes, He as grown so tall. He made friends. Even nowadays plays basketball with us in the evening. A great human being. 

A unique person. Yesterday I tried to speak to him with the help of few sign alphabets I have learned in UK. I asked his name. HE showed me some signs and said "SHAFEEQ".
My heart felt and rejoiced with joy. He felt happy that someone can communicate with him.
I did remeber people called him Jabba, because when he speaks we could only hear that sound (jabba, jabba).
Saw the happiness inside him, prayed for him. 
He promised me that he will teach me sign languages and inreturn I am going to teach him th foindamentals of basketball. 
Loved to see him grew into a responsible human being. 
Everyone loves him here.
A touching moment for me.
I felt this when Doreen a special need lady whom I used to work with at romford YMCA, the doctors gave her four weeks to live and she walk, she came under Debbies care and I was just a helper. a year later when she stood up and took few steps I felt the same joy in my heart.
Missing those beutiful humans. 

But I am enjoying the challenges and the experience.
God Bless,