Monday, July 17, 2017

I only discovered feelings when I was 40. It was like stepping into a new world. Blob Tree UPSTREAM.

About his Upstream Bob Communication Tool 
( only an example of it on show here - 
the full version is a download on )
I only use it in a training context 
when a group/team I am working with 
have progressed into a climate of trust. 
When they have journeyed through some self disclosure - 
usually some relaxing/fun stuff as well.

I use UPSTREAM to get them to consider their own childhood, 
youth and family context, 
with view to to self understanding to enable them to be equipped 
to be in helping relationships with others.

We all need to understand ourselves better.
Not a one-off.
It is a perpetual journey.
We never step into the same river twice.
As we never step into the next day twice.
Life has motion.
AND we need to be in the flow in terms of our development.

1) When you was young, did members of your household communicate their emotions?
When I was young my Father expressed them in outburst of temper.
Anger rising in him like a flash.
His leather belt was used on all his four sons.

I didn’t discover feelings until I was 40.
I had them.
They exploded from me too.
BUT - I only discovered how to get in touch with them
and start on the process of managing them - at 40!

Start by talking to someone about the 1) question above.
Were emotions discussed?
delivered in an outburst?

How did your family members cope with stress or pressure?
Can you recall any special times in your family,
either positive or negative?

How did the household handle the death of someone close?
What was the experiences like?
How did you react in times of tension?
How did you fit in with all those around you?

If you can go beyond reading these words
to talking about such things with someone close
it can be a great step forward in relationships
and in terms of learning and development.

How we learned was in our family/household.
Those around us learn from us.

The most powerful communication
is what we are not saying.

I am always pleased if someone writes to me about these things.
Maybe you could do that?
I believe it can be a special experience for you - and me.

Pip BHP