Friday, July 07, 2017

About the Blob Tree Materials - why they need to be experienced in action PERSONALLY.

About the Blob Tree Materials

Many people look at the Blobs as little figures doing different things - maybe they are for colouring in - for children only?

Far be it.

Most people see that - observe that, because  they have not EXPERIENCED the Blobs in action.
For instance if you belong to a team or a group who know each other, or don't, and you are asked to read the feelings in just one of the Blob figures - you will do it because you are well able to read the primary language of all humans world wide - 
Facial Expression
Body Language.

If you use the word happy or sad to describe a Blob I would ask you to think of another word and exclude  happy & sad from further use because these two words are headings for many other words to describe emotions.
Limiting our emotional literacy to HAPPY / SAD is like eating bread & drinking water only - there are many more tasty options when it comes to food & articulating emotions.

Extending emotional vocabulary helps us to more closely identify the feelings in a Blob figure and then onwards and upwards .......
BECAUSE if we can then become more articulate about our own feelings and extending this to empathy with others ...... that is what  emotional intelligence is - my experience.

Again this will not make much deeper sense to someone who has not experienced the Blobs themselves.

The above little exercise is only one you can read if you search this website. I emphasise that they come alive in relationships - magically. 

The Blobs are not a threatening experience - they are nothing in them selves but dynamic when anyone of any age connects with them emotionally.
They can help liberate hurting relationships - help developmentally - and ....
don't we all need to be on the BECOMING road?

Let me know what you think/feel/experience - if you do - that act in itself will help both of us in our learning - learning life!

Stay Beautiful