Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I was given permission to publish this ......

Life in my rhymes, 
life through my eyes.. 

Life in my rhymes, life through my eyes.. 
Crack babys bein born, teenage suicides.. 
Very dark places, i wanna shine through a light.. 
Into the darkest corners, where they all run an hide.. — 

Its mad, as a little kid i had big plans.. 
Its sad to think that all i did was skip class.. 
But i had stuff, bad stuff, i kept to myself.. 
From the age of 1, i was left by myself.. 
The pain that i felt got blanked, now im a man.. 
Grown up still seekin the help.. 
Off the rails, sleepin in cells.. 
Tryna find hope so i speak to the clouds..... 

I was given permission to publish this