Monday, July 17, 2017

Leading developmental groups in self-disclosure experiences.

Leading groups over the years
I have asked people to write ......
Each given an index card
asked to write out something
they have never told anyone about.

As you can imagine
this is a big ask.
All with the objectives of - 
*Self Revelation
*Awareness of own feelings
*Experiencing vulnerability
*Experiencing empathy
*Growth and development

The card are then pic&mix 
Each person taking different card
and then each being read to the whole group
in silence
feeling the feelings
within themselves
+ empathy with others as their revelation is read.

I have found a bunch of cards from distant past.
I don't know who wrote them.
I am planning to post one at a time.


I once went through fear of life.
My wife was depressed for so long, so often
I thought she would commit suicide.
It was horrible, I didn't know how to cope.
It was the sort of thing you couldn't tell others about.