Monday, July 31, 2017

'Teach pupils to avoid gangs' - children's commissioner ........ or/and I say put some effort into preventative work - Youth Workers on the STREETS!!

'Teach pupils to avoid gangs' - children's commissioner

Pupils should be taught in school how to avoid being sucked into gangs or exploited by older criminals, the children's commissioner has said.
Anne Longfield said personal, social, health and economics education (PSHE) lessons should help children spot when they are being targeted by gangs.
It follows reports children are being used by criminals as "money mules".
She said children looking for "a sense of belonging, fast money" or "glamour" were at risk.
Ms Longfield's research has found 46,000 children in England are involved in gangs.

As a #YouthWorker I have seen the #YouthService #savaged by the current #UK #government 
£387m has been taken from Youth work in the last 6 years 
603 Youth Centres GONE !!!
when we see the #needs of Young People in the headlines because of their increasing 
#MentalHealth needs and poor prospects #financially as well as massive increase in knife crime & gang activities.
#Teens & Gangs get to consume more  #Police time than other age groups - why not do more #preventative work with them?

Only so much can be achieved in #formal#education whilst  #Youth Workers work as #Informal #Educators 
and not bound by time & #curriculum #restrictions because they are about being in helping #relationships 
for the benefit of the #wholeperson. 

#Teachers (BLESS THEM) tell me that they can’t say to a Teen  
#YouAreBeautiful - 
or share their own #vulnerabilities - 
both which help establish a secure #relationship 
& thereby #growth & #development.
= Able to make own decisions 
i.e. NOT to join a Gang!

Let's get workers on the streets