Saturday, July 22, 2017

"A caterpillar looks nothing like a butterfly but one develops from the other"

Take a living child and 
sew him up in a dead mans skin.

I read about how children become their Grandfather in the first years of their lives, 
or Grandmother, 
with values, attitudes, principles and behaviour.

Grandfather has come back to life. 

'Each recruit of the human race is a the instrument for what is called socialisation, that is, getting each new recruit to the human race to behave and experience in substantially the same way as those who are already here.'

As I see it, my Mission is about facilitating opportunities for humans to grow and develop 

'to be all that they can become' - body, mind and spirit.

"A caterpillar looks nothing like a butterfly 

but one develops from the other"

I believe that. 

And ………... 
I believe that for humans too!

Often beautiful humans are trapped in a dead persons skin. 

They don't know any other options - often. 
There is a beautiful human in there -  trying to get out. 
And that is where the community comes in. 
In the process of working at our own stumbling development, 
we are aiming to be of some support and usefulness to others.

Last week (years ago actually) I was leading a team of forty Youth Workers on the streets of East London. 

Once a month we had a Training evening. 
A skilled human  from outside came in and I, 
the Team Leader, 
became a peer in learning alongside my colleagues.

We all need to take in as well as give out. 

I am a resource to you and your team. 
Bell me if I can come to your team and do a days training.

I lead team based training courses for your team only 
or regionally based courses open to all - & all professions (I love the mix of many different experiences and personalities).
Teams are doing great work but, we always ,including me, need to be refreshed and experience re-creation.

I also meet with individual Team Members on a one-to-one basis - in total confidence. 

'Dig a well before you are thirsty'

I am a support worker - for you !!

That's what I do. 
Only on invitation - I have no managerial responsibility to intrude!!. 

So come at me for a 1 on 1 or a Training/Facilitation Day and we can talk details/fix a time and place.

See 'CONTACT' on my