Monday, August 12, 2019

STOP AND SEARCH - It is such a ham fisted knee jerk response to changing teen lives to more purposfull.

I read this today in my Newspaper.

Stop and Search !

Back in the day this was a major issue with the teens I worked with and MYSELF.

It is such a ham fisted knee jerk response to changing teen lives to more purposeful.
It makes me more mad than I normally am.
We need relational contact with all these young people who are either  just living their lives or, as some, pushing the boundaries in terms of crime, behaviour, violence including knife or gun crime.

I am mad.
We must not make war against teenagers.
We need to get alongside them and become role models - so many are available to do that if given the chance. 

Here is half the article::

Stop and search won't stop violent crime. 
We need to address the root causes ........

Eight years ago this month, when Boris Johnson was mayor of London, the worst rioting Britain had seen in decades broke out in the capital, before spreading across the country. 
An estimated 20,000 people were drawn in, and 4,000 arrested. 
A subsequent study by the Guardian and the London School of Economics found that "humiliating" stop and search was a key factor in anger towards the police. 
An independent panel appointed by the government to examine the unrest urged immediate attention to the issue, noting that it was cited as a major source of discontent by young black and Asian men. 

Now, stop and search is on the rise again. 
In eight of England's largest forces, its use doubled in the two years to March 2019. 
Sajid Javid, then home secretary, nonetheless eased the use of section 60 powers allowing officers to stop and search anyone in defined areas without reasonable suspicion - for several forces. 
The prime minister's announcement on Sunday extends that pilot scheme across all forces in England and Wales. 
This is accompanied by other promises reflecting the public's very real concerns about violence, and especially knife crime. 
In the year to March 2019, forces in England and Wales recorded more than 47,000 offences involving knives: an 8% increase year on year and the highest total since records began. 

But if his approach speaks to concerns, 
it cannot answer them. 
Mr Johnson has reverted to a familiar and failed Conservative playbook of 
"hard on crime, hard on criminals" rhetoric. 
(His home secretary, Priti Patel, wants offenders to feel not just fear but terror)........