Saturday, August 10, 2019

When I left school at 15 I worked in a factory - some BACKINTHEDAY stuff.

When I left school at 15
I worked in a factory
working on big machines
creating parts for big coastal minesweepers = ships.

When that factory closed after a few years 
my apprenticeship was transferred to Vulcan.

Vulcan Foundry was in Newton-le-Willows 
not far from my home in St Helens Lancashire

I worked as an engineering apprentice
making parts for massive locomotives
which were sold overseas - India etc..

I worked an a big Lathe like this::

When I qualified as a 
Mechanical Engineer/ Fitter and Turner 
When I was 21 years old .............
My wages went up to £6 a week !  
I will never forget that.

I played for THE WORKS RUGBY UNION team. 
We had a dozen teams.                    

YES I played Rugby Union in the 2nd team but 
my heart is/was always a #RugbyLeague one.
Vulcan R.U.F.C. was formed in 1956 
In this era the teams at Vulcan were made up from workers at the Ruston Diesels foundry based in the Vulcan village, so hence the name of the club. 
In 1956 the foundry employed over 1000 people from towns like 
Warrington, St. Helens, Leigh and Wigan; 
all of which are great rugby towns. 

I have some photos somewhere.
Me in rugby gear.
(Maybe non of factory/rugby life in those days).
BUT I never had a camera until I was in my mid twenties !
Those were the days!