Thursday, August 01, 2019

I am alive when I work with people:: Training Days / Conferences / 121’s

I get more tired nowadays.
For years I was a 2am to-bed person.
Much of my journaling came in these latter hours.
When I worked away::
wherever ……...

Misc nations and cities
I used to stay awake with my laptop
capturing the day
The emotions
the humans
the challenges of the day
yearning with certain individuals
as I empathised with their struggles ………

Long days nowadays
leave with heavy legs
A deep tiredness
maybe fatigue?
(Don’t know the difference ! )

I am alive when I work with people
Training Days
groups of beautiful humans
full of energy
I love it love it
aware that I need to ride the current waves…..

I don’t take on gigs two days on the run
(unless I am away on a residential)
I need recovery time.
Sometimes I feel totally unmotivated
the day after a day of pumping adrenaline
I love it love it
I don’t want to stop ………….

I give support to humans - 121
I deliver experiential learning
BUT I can’t do that unless I too have ‘experiences’

My homeopath tells me that my kidneys can’t manage my adrenaline.
(They must be older than me !)
Ulrik acid isn’t processed so well these days
and that excess goes to the extremities of my body.
It used to be gout - and that often crippled me - literally.
I don’t get that now.

I am hit with cramp
usually at night - in the middle of a dream
I jump out of bed holding my calf.
(Pumping adrenaline in a dream !! )

Sometimes it is none of the above
just spots on the end of my nose!
Extremities again !!

I work with people emotionally.
I work on myself emotionally.
‘Emotion Detective’ stuff.
Always digging to understand my interior
and how it delivers my behaviour.

Our behaviour impacts those we work with
but more-so the closest to us ::
Neighbours ……….

I write.

Being vulnerable
is part of 
becoming AUTHENTIC
- it's like taking our clothes off our soul
NOT being dressed up
but dressed down ……….

Thoughts of the day ………
Thank you for reading
(How are you doing?)