Monday, August 05, 2019

I learn from my own survival BUT eager to learn from others such as:: Viktor Frankl

On 25 September 1942, Frankl, his wife and his parents were deported to 
the Nazi Theresienstadt Ghetto. 
There Frankl worked as a general practitioner in a clinic. 
When his skills in psychiatry were noticed, 
he was assigned to the psychiatric care ward in block B IV, 
establishing a camp service of "psychohygiene" or mental health care. 
He organized a unit to help newcomers to the camp overcome shock and grief. 
Later he set up a suicide watch, assisted by Regina Jonas.[2][6] On 29 July 1943, 
Frankl .... offered a series of open lectures, including 
"Sleep and Sleep Disturbances", 
"Body and Soul", 
"Medical Care of the Soul",
"How to keep my nerves healthy?"

I have tested out his conclusion 
in some everyday circumstances.
Some stressful circumstances.
Thinking of the positives to come.
Not dwelling on the positives of the past.
Beyond Beyond Beyond - the now.