Sunday, August 11, 2019

I need that sun In my face ....................

I move a little
to avoid the sun
I sway back
I need that sun
In my face

I find myself
closing my eyes
It is so bright

I need to open them
Me and the sun
have a history
I remember .....

I was on a train
going home
long day
long journey.

The sun shone through the window
through my dullness
through my tiredness.

It was flashing -
the sun.
As it came through the windows
of the moving train
it stayed on me!
Like a spotlight of sunbeams!
I considered it a blessing
It was a signal to offer up some thanks
I did
then it moved ....
It was on someone else -
so I offered some appreciation
for the stranger.

It became like a searchlight
light searching
for beautiful humans
earphones on
books being read
newspapers on knees
and all did not know
I was praying for them.
Some did not catch the rays.
Sleep shuts out light
Sleep will retain the sun
in a beautiful dream dream
sometimes never in a nightmare.

Now I find these beaming places
in church
on buses
between the clouds
gaps in fences
cracks in concrete
sails of boats
gaps in trees
in a cafe
behind and around a human I love
behind a person who struggles to love.

The sun is now a beautiful friend
but I don't only want her
for myself.
I want the sun to shine on
the so called beautiful
the many who don't feel beauty
the violent
the sick
the hurting
in a tunnel of depression
in a home of sadness
in a workplace of oppression.

I want to play my part too ...........