Friday, November 29, 2019

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Jean Vanier, 'Becoming Human’.

"The heart is never "successful."
It does not want power, honours, privilege or efficacy;
it seeks a personal relationship with another,
a communion of hearts, which is the to-and-from of love.
This opening of the heart implies vulnerability
and the offering of our needs and weaknesses.
The heart gives and receives but above all, it gives.
The heart goes out to those who are humble
and who cry out in the weakness and 
their need for understanding and love.
It is the human heart and its need for communion
that weakens the walls of ideology and prejudice.
It leads us from closedness to openness,
from the illusion of superiority to vulnerability and humility.
Because of this instead of finding security in the group
we find it in our hearts,
which have found a new inner strength,
a real maturity.”

Jean Vanier,
'Becoming Human'.