Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Update on my Prostate Cancer treatment.

So Monday was the bone scanning experience. 
NO result as yet - 
and Monday forthcoming is my last scan.

One big decision I needed to make
is to accept the option of taking hormone therapy - 
tablets & injections.

I will firstly kick off with tablets for 14 days
followed by monthly injections.
There will be side effects!
The first 12th December & second 9th January.

The cancer I have is aggressive but the treatment
will have positive impact immediately.
It is not a cure but the objective is stop it spreading.
I have already been informed that it has moved 
beyond my prostate to other areas including bone.
The recent scans will reveal how far the spread.
No results on those yet!

All seems like it will be long job.
Maybe for the rest of my life!

I don't know what the future holds
but I know who holds the future.

I will end with my expression of gratitude
to the workers in the NHS.

In all three hospital I have visited::
Warm humans.
Caring humans.
Beautiful humans.
Dealing with a depth of reality

I will continue to share here
but continue to reflect on other stuff too.

Big thank you to everyone who have 
posted messages on various platforms, 
& directly to me.
Wondrous life affirming words.
Revealing yet again your