Thursday, November 14, 2019

My Experiential Training Mission and your Beauty - FULL

I am about to be leading a Training Day.
Back home late Saturday night.

Of all the things I do
my Experiential Training sessions
are the most satisfying for myself.

I am midst humans who are taking 
but also giving
and that
feeds my soul.
People sharing where they are at and 
where they want to be.
I love it.

Always I am in a learning environment from kick off.
Humans working with HUMANS are a special breed.
The feel the hurts of those they spend time with.

Everything I facilitate needs transposing.
Everyone is working with unique individuals.
In unique contexts.
Different than who I work with - 
and that applies to everyone present.

The time spent reflecting in small groups
between the experiences is precious 
because everyone is a Trainer & 
Everyone a Learner
Including me.

I see buds of flowers opening up during the day.
We all feel so sensitively as we journey together as a little community.

I thrive on it.

I have a great job.