Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Mind over Matter in the Tunnel and a great Training Day in Cambridge.

I was quite anxious about being transported down the MRI tunnel.
I think I am a bit claustrophobic.

You may have read my posting here where I reflected on being diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Since then I have been through the MRI and biopsy experiences and on Friday I will get the results.
My visit to the hospital will include divulging what options I will have in terms of treatment.
I was almost naked as I entered the MRI scanner.
I wore my own thin lightweight dressing gown & underpants - all my own!
With ear plugs + ear defenders & blindfold - all supplied.
There is really loud noises emanating.

I had to lie very still as the machine banged +  grunts grinds = loud noises.
It was taking photos of my inside - a sort of Internal physical ‘Level Five’ without me speaking.
It was a a sort of 'Self disclosure’ (which I love) - but this one - not so much.

I had decided on 'mind over matter'.
I will be in charge of my mind and feelings.

So I decided I would work through the design & options for my next Training Day.
(I had been scheduled to be in Estonia for 4 days and for the first time ever
I had to cancel the gigs - apologies to Estonia BHP’s -  the first time I have ever cancelled)
So my next gig was Saturday 16th November in Cambridge UK.
A great charity called 'Blue Smile' who work with special children & special teens in several schools.
47 Therapists were present and it was a great day.

So as I entered the MRI tunnel I started to walk through the Training Day in my head.
How would I begin   -  “Hello”
and what steps I would use to build a climate of trust
before I encouraged them to place their own oxygen masks on first to better enable them to help others.
So I looked at options of what Blob Tree Tools to use to create ‘experiential’ learning.
What video/movie clips to use from my many options.
ALL which could be transposed from the day into their every day work in schools.
Many of the ideas - my methodology, can be transposed into the classroom - group work or in 121’s.
So my mind was occupied by Cambridge alongside a few comments in my headphones from the MRI operator.

It was a liberating experience for me - I was not anxious and was able to remain still !

On Saturday, following a bit of an ugly drive to Cambridge on the Friday, I was relaxed in facilitation.
The group were really engaged & powerful for me as they reflected in small groups & shared all day with me & the 47.
They were so committed and opened like flowers to the sun.
EVERYONE a Learner - Everyone a Trainer ……………… I loved it.
It was as good as any training day as I can remember.
For me
For the 47

I don’t wish for another MRI scan
Or the biopsy experiences
But I do look forward to more dynamic days with beautiful humans 'hungry for learning'
and delivering their most valuable work with small beautiful humans.