Thursday, November 28, 2019

Your pending Christmas - mine - others " I hate Christmas" by a BHP living in a Hostel.

I asked for permission
to post here
to help you
a different reality.

Of course I don't know yours - your reality

Every person
we meet
is fighting a battle
we know NOTHING

So I don't take your 'NOW'
Your pending Christmas
with any status quo
with any stereo-type. 

But here is a different reality
then mine.
Than my pending Christmas.

I post the below
without a name
it may be given later.

I still
wish for you
a special time 
at Christmas.

Whatever they may be
may it be an experience of wonder.
May you be with
Wise women
and wise men.

May you be a wise human
Being a star with whoever 
you gather with.

FEEL the words below::


I cant help but feel that im wastin my time..
Im down in the dumps and im hatin my life..
Lost count on the tears that have rained from my eyes..
Cause its hard to deal with the pain thats inside..
I just wish i could wave it goodbye..
But i cant so i blaze and get high..
Its the only way i can aim for the sky..
And the only time i can say that im fine..
Which aint alot and the things that ive been through..
The people that hurt me, i still aint forgot..
Still cant forget, lord knows ive tried..
My brain is a mess from the war in my mind..
But who am i warin? Im hurtin myself..
I remember the days where id circle my cell..
Knife in my hand, cuts on my arms..
Smile on my face as i looked at my scars..
Now they say im crazy and put me on meds..
Well, i say theyre the ones fucked in the head..
Like say a tablet will cure all my problems..
Them pricks are part of the reason ive got them..
And it gets me vexed, leadin to stress..
Some days i dont feel like leavin my bed..
Im really depressed and its hard to accept..
So i sleep and i dream about startin a fresh..
But i cant leave brum, no local connection..
So i feel trapped, no hope in depression..
The people around me are liars and fake..
But i keep it real, i aint dyin a snake..
My only escape are the bars that i write..
A skill ive perfected for half of my life..
But i cant afford to go put them to beats..
And thats why i feel like theres nothin for me..

#QuickPoem #AllRealTalk