Saturday, November 30, 2019

..... my journey and the current hit with prostate cancer.

Update for you 
if you have been following my journey
and the current hit with prostate cancer.

I have just started on a course of tablets
as a starter for course of injections
commencing 12/12 & once a month =
Hormone Theraphy 
to help block the growth of the big C

I still have another scan on Monday forthcoming.

Then I guess all the info will be in - 
Investigations done and I will know
the extent of the spread into bone & other parts.

I have a yet to meet with the top
urologist Consultant who, I understand,
will give me the prognosis and
will kick off my treatment proper.

I don't feel ill.
Trying to keep up my exercise.
Eating healthy food & no alcohol as pretty normal.
The toughest is not being able to
ask at my range of favourite Coffee Bar staff
for a "a Flat White and a smile please".

I have been advised to stop the coffee & tea -
ALL CAFFEINE but retain my favourite = Mint Tea!

I am keen to carry on with my work & mission.
I do get tired and nap more.
MAYBE it is PIP WIL80N getting older?

I am aware there are BHP's around me
who are feeling deeply with me
and being wondrously supportive -
together with so many friends and 
contacts world wide - sending much love.

I feel that this could be a long journey?

Thanking you.
I am not able to write to everyone individually
but I am reading all your  
🅱🅴🅰🆄🆃🅸🅵🆄🅻  messages.