Saturday, November 23, 2019

Pip Wilson SPILLING.

I was kind of numb most of yesterday.
Feeling better today.
Normal me thinks.

Yesterday was the end of 'journey one'.
Blood Tests

The result communicated to me
so generously
so gently
so expertly
with Joy & Joan present.

My prostate cancer has spread
to bone & other venues.
More scans needed.
More treatment:-
injections .........

So I felt drained yesterday
Tired - emotionally.

Today I am more normal.
Back to reality!
It is all rather unreal.
'It is others who get cancer
not ME' !

WARMTH - warming my soul::
I have had beautiful communication from so many
Love in action

ONE was from my friends in  Germany::

we just listened to a wonderful text and think of you, your medical examination, our fragility ...

Illumina by Lamb.
Esp. the second verse is real Pip-truth: 

He said, Each of us is broken
She said, Well that‘s the greatest thing
In total, fragile imperfection
The dark is how we let the light in 

Tomorrow we will visit the concert of Lamb in Leipzig - and we will take you there with us in our hearts and thoughts

A hug and love
Volker with Ulli

BHP Spilling