Friday, March 20, 2020

COVID_19 and we are in LOCKDOWN with Cancer = at risk.

A strange reality

for everyone.

This virus thing.

We here are doing OK.
WE have planned a strategy to keep isolated.
No visiting shops or a cafe for a decaf but
we do walk in the fresh air
 (shivering cold wind today.)

Joy, bless her,
is delivering bags of sustaining/food supplies.
It is strange leaving them on the doorstep
and then we chat at a distance.

Today we were out for a walk and we bumped into
the delivery lady (Joy) - in the street!
We stood apart.
Bags left behind for us to collect and wave 
"see you later".
Really weird but - BUT 
a big feeling of appreciation.

I am waiting on my bloodiest results.
PSA = test to see if there is any change in the big C !

It all started in my Prostate but then 
the investigations =
multiple scans confirmed it is/was now residing in
Spine Pelvis & One-Rib too.

3rd April I have an appointment to see the Oncologist.
Any progress will then be shared with me
and me with you.
I guess the appointment will be cancelled again.
The priorities in the NHS have changed BUT
I hope to hear good progress - never cure the cancer
but to arrest it's expanding growth.

sometimes called 'work' is parked in a lay-by !


I have been churning my memories from  when I left school at 15 - a major change in my life.

I think I will write out - reflect on:-
'the 3 most significant events in my life'
A questions I ask so many other people.

This one - me = 15 in a factory / foundry / engineering.
I worked in this factory as an apprentice -
working on big belt driven machines
creating parts for big coastal minesweepers = ships.

It was like entering a wonderland.
Not a bit like classroom!
My mission had to be re-drafted.
I was a little boy in a mans world.

When that factory closed after a few years 
my apprenticeship was transferred to the Vulcan.
Vulcan Foundry was in Newton-le-Willows 
not far from my home in St Helens Lancashire

I worked as an engineering apprentice
making parts for massive locomotives
which were sold overseas - India etc..

I worked an a big Lathe like this::

When I qualified as a 
Mechanical Engineer/ Fitter and Turner 
When I was 21 years old .............
My wages went up to £6 a week !  
I will never forget that.

I later moved to a job in a smaller engineers factory
then, later, to my final 'factory' =
Pilkington Research Laboratory. 
Still on metal cutting / shaping lathes and other machines.

All these living working life experiences with 
a range of beautiful humans.

WE have to survive and drive in new environments.
I hope you can more the survive 
It is the bottom rung in 'Maslow's hierarchy of human needs' !

I trust that you can THRIVE