Monday, March 16, 2020

Toilet Life as a growing child - toilet paper & bulk buying.

When I was growing up
we had a 15 yard long 'back-yard' where the toilet was.
No inside loo.
No toilet paper
(see the paper in this picture)

My Dad used to cut up the newspapers
and tie them up on the wall with some string.

So there was no night time toileting 
other than using the 'chamber pot' underneath each bed.

I was born in May 1939

just before the 2nd world war exploded in the September.

I remember well those early war years.
Not that aware of the war - 
other than my Dad being an AIR-Raid Warden.
He had to patrol the streets at night time 
to ensure the blackout was honoured.

All light was an attraction to the Nazi bombers

so ever chink of light was against the law in those days.
His day-time job was 'down the coal mine'.
One of my Granddads was also 'in coal' -
so vital was it in the war effort.

My Dad didn't want any of his 4 boys to work down the pit.
He made sure we all became an apprentice.

To have skill was the plan.
Arthur - an Electrician
Don - a Painter & Decorator
James -  a Bricklayer
Me - an Engineer because I wanted to go to sea with a trade.

I left school at 15
with only one certificate
(currently framed on my office wall
'Swimming One breadth' )

It was so tempting at 15

to not to work down the pit
because the money was good.
Furthermore an apprentice was paid £1 a week wages.
When I finished my apprenticeship aged 21
I went on full-money  =  £6 a week!

All this is triggered by the current Loo-Roll bulk buying!

Don't worry folks.

Newspaper never did me any harm.