Friday, March 13, 2020

You are the sunshine of my life. - A POEM.

The sun  shines on me.
A small shaft of special light.

I always consider
that this is the Divine
shining a special blessing.
On me
Love it
I am blessed.

Then the sun moves on.
It shines on someone else.

MrsBeautiful is in the frame,
then another.
then another.
Each one I pray.

I am in Church
A shaft of light hits me
through a little corner of a big window.

It is great doing this on a train.
The sun shafts flash around - 
one person then another.
I have to follow quickly and want to bless each one
as they catch the sun
and catch my eye.
I need to focus on each special person = 
beautiful human.

Follow the sun.
Notice the shafts.
The darts.
The quick scans in a moving place.

This is an internal dialogue thing.
An observation.
A meditation.
It is secret, in human terms, 
but a spiritual experience
touching the soul.

You are the sunshine of my love.

You are the sunshine of my life.