Thursday, March 12, 2020


Emotion Catcher
I will suck out all your joy
I will clear out all your fear
I will tear away your terror
I will dry up every tear
I will confiscate your smile
Take the sound out when you laugh
I will evaporate all hope
Stop you singing in the bath
I am the Emotion Catcher
I’ll take the sting out of anger
I’ll take the buzz out of love
I’ll take the hardness out of hate
I’ll give contentment a shove
I’ll take the high out of happy
The low out of loss
I’ll take the heavy out of worry
I’ll show you who’s boss
I am the Emotion Catcher
I’ll take the green eye out of envy
The arrogance out of pride
Possession out of jealousy
The pain from when you lied
You’ll be emoto-neutral
You won’t even want to care
And if any feelings hit you 
You know I’ll be right there
I am the Emotion Catcher
Say goodbye to your glee
Say farewell to your fun
Say au revoir to your feelings
They’re already on the run
Forget the emotional rollercoaster
It’s not even worth the ride
You’ll feel flat as a pancake
With nothing left inside
I am the Emotion Catcher
I bottle them up with labels
And put them on the shelf
I hide them in the deepest dungeon
They’re a danger to your health
Don’t let emotions rule you
They’re dangerous and wild
You might do something loving
You might do something kind
I am the Emotion Catcher

Peter Barrett