Saturday, March 07, 2020

A caterpillar is nothing like a butterfly but one develops from the other.

I have had to learn the hard way
about aggression & violence
still learning / yearning / feeling
that there is injustice
like racism
like sexism
like orientation-ism.

I had to learn that individuals can be unjust
and me too.
But also there can be 
unjust governments
unjust police
unjust officials
unjust politicians.
I felt it
I had to learn from it
in it.
All my ramblings here
are with the backdrop of the London 
knife crime/murders, 
and in other UK cities.

I feel deeply the extreme violence
knives used as protection
knives used to kill or disfigure
gang violence
and disregard of others.

I love these young humans.
I feel for them.
I am inside their heads

It is not a pleasant place to be.

I am disturbed also
by many comments
hard comments
vicious comments
on twitter/facebook
and other media.

They, like many young humans,
are reacting emotionally.
Using words like
Shoot them
give them life in prison

No humans are vermin.
I have found the most 
professional criminals
'violent for fun' youngsters
as intelligent and full of personality.

Ghandi was asked about his worst experience in life.
He had been stoned imprisoned beaten...
His Answer
"The hard hardheartedness of the educated"

But also devient
and rightly
need to be 
dealt with justly
in accordance with the law.

A caterpillar is
nothing like
a butterfly
but one
develops from the other.

Therefore I believe in development.
I believe we can ALL change
some of us are given more chances.

We need to strive to understand and
Love wins.

Those who commit crimes
need to face their behaviour
but also need to be offered opportunities.
Love wins