Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Easter past and recent. Takes me to a place called Uncomfortable where growth resides.



Easter for us ........ always in touch with family but again a deprivation as we can't yet touch (even though our two little angels get as close as they can !)
Before lockdown days they stayed with us
all in our little flat
camp-bed crush !
BUT beautiful to do things together
and just hang out

In times past we spent time great  times with family
and our Greek family.

In past years we all piled down to Joys with about 27 of the Greek side
all crushed indoors for a traditional Greek menu and drinks.
It had all been planned to be outside in the garden
but the weather meant we crushed together in one room!
ALL dining in a stripped room to get all seated AND
it was so great.

We Wilsons were welcomed and we loved the chatter and the traditions.

We missed Maundy Thursday Church again.
A great quiet service starting the reflective opportunities
on this earth moving event .......... NEXT YEAR?

The best service for me in any year is a
Good Friday / three hour lockdown of reflection.
For years we have always searched out a church
where I am unknown .............
as I desire no human interactions
to reach out for 
eternal ones
internal ones.

Other than lockdown years we have entered into Canterbury Cathedral.
A 3 HOURS service - and I want that
even though you can enter/leave any/every half hour
we stay for the lot.

I always want to dwell on passion.
Passion week and the journey to the cross.
Soak it in
pain and all.
'Joy and Tears
flow mingled down .....'

This year we had the iPhone/Facebook streaming again - home comfort - home Church - always making the best of this special day.

I don't want to return to where I was before Easter.
I always want to be yearning
yearning to become ...........
Seeking the wholeness that I believe is created for us
but we never reach
because it is all about the journey
the becoming
the yearning
the seeking SHALOM .................

I look forward to colliding with you
as we journey along the way.
that is an exciting thought.
Colliding with you !!!!
It will be like colliding with God herself.
I love the thought =

I want to be disturbed at Easter and ongoing year through .........................

Stay beautifully disturbed