Tuesday, April 13, 2021

I am trying to write a monthly update rather than fail to keep so many of you in the dark. Pip UPDATE.


BHP's like you keep asking how I am.

Thank you but I am sorry I can't answer everyone individually = so I will try to bash out something once a month::

Last night I was awake every hour. Mainly bladder signals but also, in addition I have  daily medication/pain killers at 5am + every five hours throughout the day

The cancer is in the spine but I don't know about any up to date info because I only speak to my oncologist once every three months - next one 17th May.

My three monthly hormone injections continue - these are to reduce my testosterone which cancer feeds off .

Before that telephone consultancy I will have a blood test which will reveal any positive or negative activity.

Side effects include constipation, difficulty to keep up with friends, concentration, fatigue which just hits me at anytime during the day, in a strange way often when I am just out of bed.

I don't have the pelvic region pain as I did have some time ago. It was tough finding the best pain killers - now I can sit down and not restlessly walk around indoors. 

We do walk out locally every day and look forward to better weather to allow us to stay out longer/walk further.

Apologies to many who I have not had the energy to communicate with. Dear friends.

Someone said to me recently "You look well" and I hope I do - but I know there is a lot going on inside.

I think that is all I can share right now.