Thursday, April 29, 2021

This is where I am at in terms of understanding my own feelings .............

1 My feelings are mine - they don't belong to anyone else.

2  When I feel annoyed it could mean that I have feelings triggered by another persons language or behaviours or a memory, conscious or unconscious, from our own life. BUT the feelings are mine.

3 Blame is a discharge of pain.

4 Where I am at is:: to feel a feeling not react to it without thinking. We can learn to do this:: Pause. Think. Then respond directed by our thinking, based on our values, self awareness.

5 Responding with the keyword "YOU" is usually the start of something regrettable.  Starting a response with the word "I" is usually followed by a more measured verbal response.

A search of this website will give other examples of alternative language useful for our developing our own language and relationships.

All this is so important to me NOW as it has been over years of life management and developing helping relationships with troubles humans of all ages.