Friday, April 09, 2021

This day I was digging into my interior & trying to understand ..


I was 40 and studying for the first time since leaving school - (AND that school experience of education poor - so poor.)

I was doing a part time 3 year course to qualify me to be a Youth & Community Worker. I had already been in such jobs for 20+ years but this qualification was an opportunity to LEARN stuff, rather than just pick it up as I went along.  AND I would get paid a little more.
Part of being on this 3 year course was a number of residential week-ends, many dissertations and having a ‘Non-Managerial Supervisor' to meet with monthly. This person had to be a person outside my work place …… and struck gold with a guy called Jim Punton.

I am coming to the learning bit soon ………
One day I visited Jim he started by asking me about me - the battered Youth Worker me!
I said “I don’t feel spiritual any more”

He paused and then spoke:: “I am glad”
I will never forget that experience! EVER!

We continued in discussion with many questions from me.
In following dialogue he told me that it was like moving from solid ground to take a boat in rough seas. 
It was a journey of becoming and when I reach solid ground again I will have experienced change.
He said that he was glad for me because it means I am changing - moving out of my comfort zones = learning!
We talked about how a ship can be a magnificent creation and safe in its harbour - BUT a ship is made to be at sea facing storms and unpredictable weather. He suggested that I was growing up in a way - stepping out my normal to enter a new life.He spoke of faith was more than feeling spiritual but thinking and developing as a human.

I will never forget that day, that response, that learning ………..
One of my quotes emanated from that encounter =

 “I daily refresh  my irritation”