Wednesday, April 21, 2021

From my friend Denis in the USA

My heart warmed yesterday THEN::

From the USA::
Guns are on my mind (again),  especially the availability and use in this country. I have no issue with 2nd Amendment rights. I do have a problem with the ease at which guns are available. Also am deeply concerned at how many people are shot dead by police. 
Without knowing any of the details about today's incident in Ohio,  I ponder how and why a 15 year old girl (possibly with a knife) is shot dead by a police officer. There has to be a different way of dealing with people who appear to be in some kind of crisis the likes of which most of us (me included) have not the remotest experience. These are troubles times in the United States and we need to come together. Partisan politics are literally "killing us"! STOP THE NONSENSE we all are human beings striving for a better world!