Wednesday, July 29, 2020


adamwedd B L A C K E S T H O L E 

Are you like me and been struggling a little (or HEAPS) with anxiety and depression? Sometimes the days are as wrong as the nights are long....

During lockdown I teamed up with my friend @melissarieger42 and we wrote a beautiful song of hope but also one that depicts the stifling reality so many people are facing as they lose their jobs , their homes and their livelihood. 
The lyrics come from Melissa's own struggle with anxiety and depression and the sad loss of a family member to suicide...

In the past 6 years I have lost my home , my job and at times my sanity.. 
We all have parts of our story which we want to try and hide , but the reality is that ALL of us have some kind of struggle, a quiet battle with our demons. 
The only way we lose is when we believe we are alone.
Don't struggle alone, we'd LOVE to hear your stories of struggle and triumph. 
Let's all help each other.
Can't wait for you to hear this song when it comes out on 28th August .

All my love,
Adam xx