Monday, July 20, 2020

I write. 4 words. Life.

..... this is today. 

The start of the rest of my life. ...... 

I write to kick off the day & the morrow..... usually for most of my 81 years, 
humans have been my focus daily. 
This curtailed. 

So I have you. 

My family. 
And so many other BHP’s along a line called ‘The internet’.  
I can’t touch your finger tip. 
I can’t ask you question eye to eye. 
Your face contains 55% of your communication. 
Yet I can only see your composed words & occasional photo.  

I miss the closeness - being with you. 

So I need a different strategy unless I turn to dust in an armchair. ........ so my day / week /month / year life starts here .............